Short Film Casting call

central TeXas

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We are testing out a video series concept By creating a short vignette. The vignette will provide marketing materials for a pilot trailer and the first scene of the pilot episode. If this project is successful, we will continue developing a full pilot episode to solicit funding for the entire series.


Pilot vignette “A Quick Slice”: A quaint country diner turned organized crime front is visited by a surly vigilante with a few scores to settle.

Pilot Episode: Society has begun to crumble with growing crime rates and a DECLINING ability to keep the peace. An idealist detective hunts a vigilante after murdering several patrons of a local dinner in an attempt to rescue a young girl. The mystery unfolds as the detective, vigilante, and crime elements fight for control of a young kidnapped girl while trying to discover her significance.


Vigilante: Dark and brooding antihero type who exhibits a fine mix of intimidation and intelligence.

Detective: Smart, idealistic, mildly naive. Stands up in the face of a crumbling society.

Waitress: Uninterested, jaded/deadpan, diner employee.

Female Hostage: Main character throughout series. Young girl in a state of helpless confusion as she struggles to regain her strength.

Male Manager: Diner manager operating front for local crime syndicate. Very intimidating and coarse.

Hit Man: Organized crime’s go-to-guy. Central character throughout series, hunting the vigilante and the female hostage. Very intimidating, authoritative presence, and an overall dislikable disposition.

Extras: Tough looking thugs and patrons in diner. Martial arts experience is a plus!


Male age 20-55 (Vigilante)

Male or Female age 20-50 (Detective)

Female age 16-35 (Waitress)

Female age 10-18 (Hostage)

Male age 20-45 (Hit Man)

Males & Females age 18-50 (Diner patrons/thugs)

Male age 25-50 (Manager)

Production type


Shooting Location

Central Texas


Non monetary


Please submit a link to your CURRENT head shot and/or acting reels. Specific instructions will be given after clicking the “APPLY” button below.

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